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The company of friends

We – Helen and Elvira are the founders of the most reliable real estate company in Georgia.

We came from different countries, but formed a partnership based on professional expertise in the real estate market here in Georgia.

We know well what does high and right service level means. And for more than 3 years we provide this level of service on the Georgian real estate market. We have partners all over the world and for sure we are the company which your best friend will recommend.

And we love Georgia, we will assist you in your quest of finding your dream property for living or just spending your wonderful vacation. We can find your most profitable investment project in Georgia and share our experience about live in Georgia.

Please contact us and ask about your future home or investment and we will do our best to find your ideal option.

Professionals at a glance

Providing excellent services


We will find the best investment property for you. We will calculate profits and expences. You will get the full info on investment returns.


With us you can find the most attractive house or appartment for rent during your vocation or long stay.


We will find the best way for Economic citizenship in various world countries. Support you in getting the residence permits or citizenship through investments.​


Buy your dream house with us!


We provide legal support form start to finish. Our lefal advise will help you from the moment of choosing the right property to the contract signing.

Invest in Georgia

The geographic location of Georgia

The country is located on the famous historical Silk Road. As a matter of fact, the road acts like a bridge connecting Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The strategic location of Georgia is what makes the country a crossroad between the two continents, generating priceless opportunities for import and export activities, international business, foreign business investments, etc.

Ease of doing business in Georgia is incredible

The World Bank Group annually publishes a report announcing the ease of doing business in many countries of the world. Georgia’s position is eye-popping; the country is sticking to the 6th place in the global ranking by January 2020. This is the highest position among Europe and Central Asia regions.

Taxes are low in Georgia.

The number of taxes in recent years has been declining in Georgia. To clarify the reason, you should know that the government is scheduling to use this approach as a viable method to absorb foreign trade and pave the way for them toward establishing companies in the soil of Georgia. That is why the taxes already account for only basic business taxes.

Excellent Rental Yields

It’s basic economics. High demand and low supply is the recipe for excellent returns. Add in the highly affordable buying prices for property in Tbilisi and you’re looking at some exceptionally high rental yields. For the right property in the right place marketed in the right way, you can be looking at Gross Rental Yields of up to 15%.

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